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The 7T is a part of OnePlus' premium lineup of power-packed smart phones. If there is a phone that exists as a strong competitor to Apple's iPhone, this is it. Built with a 6.55" screen, HDR10+ technology, a triple camera, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Plus, Warp Charge 30T, and more, this phone is a premium option for tech lovers of all kinds. It even has a Fnatic mode for gamers, meaning it can smoothly load and run the most popular mobile games with ease. OnePlus kept it minimalist and classy with the 7T's smooth, sleek design.

The OnePlus 7T Pro is one of the most advanced Android smartphones on the market today, beloved by mobile gamers, photographers, social media influencers, tech lovers, and so many more sub-sectors of the world's population. It's the top of the line for their already highly advanced smartphone line, even topping the luxury of the 7T. This phone is built with a 6.67" AMOLED display screen made of the very durable Gorilla Glass 6. It's beautifully designed with a sleek aluminum frame that is just as beautiful as the iPhone. The 7T Pro offers a fingerprint scanner, triple rear cameras, water-resistance, Fnatic mode for gamers, and so much more. One of the more interesting features is the motorized selfie camera, that pops up while in use and hides itself when you're done. OnePlus also equipped the 7T Pro with automatic fall detection, so in the event you drop the phone while snapping a photo, the camera will quickly hide itself to avoid damage.

Our unique, thoughtfully crafted OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro covers will keep your phone safe from the day to day threats of accidents. It's safe to assume at some point you'll trip or suddenly lose grip of your phone, causing it to hit the ground. When encased in one of our durable covers, you can have the peace of mind needed when you pick it up to inspect for damage. In this collection, our highly rated and award-winning Unicorn Beetle Pro phone will provide unsurpassed protection from every angle. It's designed with military-grade TPU bumpers, a polycarbonate back, a scratch-resistant exterior, a built-in screen protector, port plugs, and kickstand, and more. Made to withstand the shock of high falls, the UB Pro is the case you need to have on a luxury phone like the OnePlus 7T or 7T Pro. The 360-degree design of the case will also keep out moisture, dirt, and dust so your phone stays functioning and looking like you just took it out of its original packaging. This case comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect option for yourself, a friend, or your family members that have 7Ts.

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