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As the tablet choice for millions of professionals, students, and more around the world, the iPad exists as the most advanced and popular tablet on today's market. One of Apple's newest is the iPad 11, which is named so for its 11" size. It's designed with iOS 12 software, an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, stereo speakers, facial recognition security, scratch-resistant glass, exterior oleophobic coating, and Apple's Siri. The iPad 11 is beautifully designed inside and out, making it a useful and functional tablet for anyone. Top quality flagship tablets like this one don't belong in poorly made cases that can't realistically protect against the impact of drops or slips. You don't want to run the risk of cracking your iPad's screen or damaging the charging port. This collection offers iPad 11 covers that will provide reliable 360-degree protection in stylish designs and colors.

Our iPad 11 cases are built to the highest quality standards with only top-grade materials to give you the very best options available. The Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of our most rugged options that will provide the best in class protection. It's designed with military-grade materials like polycarbonate backing and TPU shock-absorbing bumpers. These iPad 11 covers also feature raised bevel edges, a built-in kickstand and port plus, a screen protector, functional design, and more. Not only will you be able to secure your iPad, but also get more use out of it with the hands-free kickstand for easy viewing and drawing. When dropped, the TPU bumpers will effectively absorb the shock, helping prevent screen cracks and other damage. Our UB Pro cases will also keep out moisture, dust, and dirt so your tablet remains in perfect condition. This case comes in an array of colors to perfectly suit your style, from black to pink! Choose this one or others featured here to get the peace of mind you need with an investment like this one.

With SUPCASE's iPad 11 covers, you can easily select one or more to mix it up on a regular basis. Once you choose the UB Pro or other style, you'll never go back to another brand. If you have any questions about our iPad 11 cases, please contact us and a member of our team will be glad to help you.