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Galaxy Tab S4

Any tablet that boasts an 80% glass screen-to-body ratio should also claim a hefty, durable and remarkably reliable case to go along with it. But what does the best case for your Galaxy Tab S4 really look like?

For starters, that large, beautiful and fragile S4 touchscreen should be defended by a fully responsive built-in screen protector that won’t require separate installation or the expense of added purchases. Not only that, the inner and outer body of your device requires unmatched drop protection. Cases made from a combination of soft, drop-resistant TPU and steadfast Polycarbonate are best for avoiding irreversible damage during large and small impact.

Fortunately, the cases you’ll find below include all of that – and then some. The UB Pro claims award-winning drop protection and impenetrable damage defense amid a stylishly good-looking design. Simply choose the color that suits you best and start reaping the benefits of one of the most affordable protective cases offered anywhere.

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