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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Case with Screen Protector

Quick Overview

Defends on all sides, Integrated screen protection, Stylish design

  • Defends phone on all sides
  • Robust bumper for added protection
  • Hybrid composition resists damage caused by drops and falls
  • Won’t interfere with phone functions or features
  • Integrated screen protection
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

In stock

Best. Case. Ever!
LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE CASES!!! My husband works in construction, he has dropped his phone with this case on it several times and I don't mean just out of is pocket, it's been dropped out of our truck, work trucks, boom truck, balcony's and landing on every type of surface from dirt to concrete to asphalt and there is never anything wrong with the phone or case. This past weekend however has made us tell EVERYONE we know about this product. After a day of floating down the river, hubby decided to sit in the back of the truck with our floating tubes until we got to another location down the road to deflate them. I was driving about 35-40 MPH down the road when a gust of wind swooped in taking one of our tubes flying out of the back of the truck WITH my husbands phone! The case unsnapped from the phone but took all the impact before falling off. Phone has absolutely no damage, it was still on and I was able to pop it right back into the case. A small piece of plastic broke off the case (front casing) just up around the port at the top of the phone but it's not noticeable. Hubs just upgraded his phone and we had a new case bought and in the mail before the phone was even in his hands. Otterbox has nothing on you guys! Hubs broke one of those cases within a couple weeks. The only complaint I have is the plastic "screen protector". Because of hubs work and the abuse his phone takes, that little piece of plastic scratches up pretty bad, really quick and rather easy. We just peel it off and put on separate screen protectors.
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Good Case
This is a good case for the most part. The screen protector works great, mine is all scratched up, but it saved the phone screen. Sometimes I get moisture between the screen protector and the screen, so I have to take it off and wipe it out, or the touch screen doesn't work right, it freaks out. The only bad part about this case is it blocks the heart rate monitor, you have to get your finger at the right angle to get your heart rate, it takes a few minutes to get it to read. If I tale the case of it reads my heart rate fine. Overall it's a great case, does a great job protecting my phone.
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