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Galaxy Note Cases

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Despite a rocky start and the initial skepticism it faced, Samsung really hit a home run with the “phablet” style device. Today, Android users are some of the most loyal tech consumers in the world. Galaxy Note smartphones are equipped with brilliant high-resolution screens, user-friendly stylus pens, and quick-charge batteries but all that can be lost to a single bump, drop, or fall. Luckily, SUPCASE is the top destination in terms of Galaxy Note cases that redefine phone protection in each and every way. We offer a wide selection of Galaxy Note covers and screen protectors to help you extend the life of your favorite device with premium protection that doesn’t compromise. We carry the classic Unicorn Beetle cases you know and trust as well as covers that don’t detract from the Samsung aesthetics you love.

With a stunning AMOLED display, it would be a shame to leave your smartphone defenseless against cracks and scratches. By choosing one of our Samsung Galaxy Note cases, you can feel confident knowing that your device is safe and secure from every angle. The UB Pro features a hybrid construction made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) materials to ensure maximum shock absorption and impact resistance whenever and wherever you need them most. The UB Style is designed to showcase the look and feel of your phone as it is in its natural form, but don’t let that fool you. Despite its sleek and transparent design, each UB Style phone case features fortified bumpers and raised bezels to prevent unexpected blemishes and scrapes.

Our Galaxy Note cases are compatible with all the latest generation Samsung smartphones from the Galaxy series, including the Note8 and Note9. Don’t forget to check back as we expand our selection to meet the growing demands of Android users and the evolving lineup of Galaxy Note smartphones. All the Galaxy Note covers we supply are backed by a limited warranty for one year. In addition to Samsung Galaxy Note cases, we also offer shatter-resistant tempered glass screen protectors an added layer of protection. If you have any questions, please contact us today for assistance or more information.