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Galaxy J7 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is designed with all the features you need and love, and it won’t make your wallet suffer. And a premium, protective case from SUPCASE will stretch that dollar even further.

Small phone screens are so last year. Luckily, the J7 has a 5.5 inch high quality AMOLED touch screen. The J7 offers the latest android software with three gigabytes of onboard RAM that can keep up with all your daily needs. The J7 also sports a 13-megapixel rear facing camera, and a high-resolution selfie camera with flash. Samsung’s affordable Galaxy device is aesthetically pleasing, but scratches and cracks are not. A near-indestructible Unicorn Beetle Pro case will keep your Galaxy J7 looking brand new. With a built-in screen protector, a multitude of colors, port covers, and top tier drop resistance, you’ll be able to express yourself (while Keeping your phone fresh) anywhere you go.

With the rise of the thousand-dollar smartphone, it has become difficult to find a reasonably priced, high functioning device. At just $229, Samsung’s Galaxy J7 offers nearly every feature other premium smartphones carry, and does so at one-third the cost. The UB pro rocks a multi-layered TPU and Polycarbonate material case that’s made to withstand any drop or fall. But that’s not all, the UB pro also has a detachable rotating belt clip holster, and a dual-layer shock and scratch resistant coverage system.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is the ultimate midrange smartphone. Incredible battery life, a powerful processor, and an outstanding screen, this phone is designed to make an impact. Pair your J7 with a Unicorn Beetle Pro, and it will be able to take an impact as well.

Search Results: 3 Products
Search Results: 3 Products