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As the smartphone market grows increasingly competitive, tech companies are pulling out all sorts of tricks to build and inspire brand loyalty. LG's innovative approach led to an entire collection of Android smartphones that challenge even the high-end, high-priced smartphones you're used to seeing. Whether you own the feature-packed Aristo or the bold V40 ThinQ smartphone, SUPCASE can help you safeguard your investment and make it more secure. We offer a wide selection of LG phone cases that are thoughtfully designed and expertly engineered with nothing but the best materials we could find. Our selection of LG phone covers features the award-winning Unicorn Beetle Pro as well as a wide range of sporty styles. We have something for everyone in stock!

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Whether you have the G3, G4, G5, G6, or G7, we have all your needs covered in our selection of LG phone cases. UB Pro smartphone cases feature a dual-layered design made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) materials that can absorb shock, resist impact, and protect your phone's sleek design from scratches or scuffs. In fact, the UB Pro case won CNET's drop test from 72 feet after four rounds at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. Do you love the look of your V30 or V40 just as it is? We can't blame you. Show off that aluminum frame with the help of our UB Clear or UB Style case instead.

We also offer a wide range of LG phone covers for the Aristo, the Stylo 4, and the all-new K30. Looking for that legendary UB protection without any added bulk? Our hybrid bumper case might just do the trick. Wouldn't it be nice to have worry-free workouts and adventures? We supply sporty armbands and water-resistant cases for active Android users that like to keep pushing the envelope. All LG phone covers come with limited warranties for up to one year from the delivery date. Making the small investment in an excellent case is a crucial step in responsible LG smartphone ownership. Explore our selection today and enjoy free shipping on U.S. orders. Please contact us with any questions.