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HTC One A9 Unicorn Beetle Pro Full Body Rugged Holster Case with Screen Protector

Quick Overview

Dual layer protection, built in screen protector, belt clip holster
  • Durable and rugged holster case with 360 degree swiveling belt clip
  • Advanced dual layer protection with built in screen protector, shock absorbing core and impact resistant bumper
  • Premium soft TPU and PC materials with port covers to block all dust and debris
  • Precise cut and design allows full access to phone ports, functions and sensitivity
  • Compatible with HTC One A9 (2015)

In stock

Good case, but not perfect
I've had this case for a while now and think I have an accurate opinion. I have an HTC One A9. Overall, I'm happy with it. I've dropped my phone down the steps, off the table, etc and it is surviving fine. There's a couple scratches on the screen protector now, but I've been quite abusive. I think this case does an excellent job. I had an otterbox on my last phone, an HTC First, and I think this one is comparable. I really only have a few complaints. For starters, it's hard to fit some headphones plugs in the port. I had to shave one down. I think they could have made that bigger. Also, it's difficult to use the thumbprint feature, because it holds my large thumbs away from the sensor. I think they should have cut it differently. The charging port works great, but after a few months, it's difficult to tuck back in now. The flap just sticks out all the time. I wish the volume buttons were easier to feel and I wish the power button felt different then them, like maybe it was wider or a different texture. It is common to accidentally shut the screen off when I try to adjust the volume. It's kinda HTC's fault for putting them so close. I've accidentally sprayed water on the phone. Zero issues. I keep my phone in my pocket, so sometimes the camera and speaker holes fill with lint. I think that would happen with any case. Overall a pretty good case though. It has done an excellent job protecting my phone. Four out of five stars.
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