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Google Pixel 2 XL Giveaway!

SUPCASE Giveaway

Do you have spending fatigue? When you shake your wallet, are dust and pennies what fall out? We get that. How about a no-risk, no-cost shot at a Google Pixel 2 XL to alleviate the season’s financial beatings?

We’re excited to open up our Holiday Google Pixel 2 XL Giveaway to everybody, doubly so because there’s no cost, catch, or trick to it—we’ve got an extra of Google’s supercharged, hyper-powerful Pixel 2 XL and we want one of you to have it.

You can enter in a number of ways, or you can enter every way, the more the merrier for you. Subscribing to our newsletter (we don’t spam—we promise), following us on social media, and letting us know what you’re favorite Christmas song are all a handful of ways to push the odds in your favor. If you win we’ll fire you a case of your choosing as well, seeing as we’d prefer our gift have a long, scratch-free life.

Last point of business: “Jingle Bell Rock” is the best Christmas song. End of discussion.

Good luck and happy holidays from the SUPCASE crew!

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