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Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus is brimming with bold design features and impressive specs. With its end-to-end display and bezel-less profile, the Galaxy S8 promises to provide more immersive screen time than Android users might have ever thought possible. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Making the small investment in an excellent case is a crucial step in responsible Galaxy S8 Plus ownership, which is precisely where we can help. At SUPCASE, we offer a wide selection of Galaxy S8 Plus cases that will not only defend your device during the daily grind but also improve upon the functionality of those features you love. We offer a wide variety of sporty styles and vibrant colors to suit any discerning taste.

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Protecting Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus is one tough job, but we know of a phone case that's up to the task. The Unicorn Beetle Pro has rightfully earned a reputation for both beauty and brawn, but don't let its slim design fool you into thinking it's just like any ordinary case. These Galaxy S8 Plus covers feature a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) core and a polycarbonate (PC) shell to ensure maximum shock absorption and impact resistance. These heavy-duty cases also come with shock-absorbent bumpers and port plugs to block out dust or debris. Still unsure? The UB Pro phone case won CNET's drop test from 72 feet after four rounds at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018.

Our dedication to everything from research and development to manufacturing ensures that our Galaxy S8 Plus cases are always top-of-the-line. We took device protection to a whole new level with the UB Shield phone case. Though similar to the UB Pro, the UB Shield features fortified bumpers and built-in screen protection for edge-to-edge coverage. Both our UB Clear and UB Style Galaxy S8 Plus covers feature transparent backplates to help you show off the sleek and sophisticated aesthetics of your Samsung phone. If you'd rather hit the gym with a playlist or podcast, our sport cases and athletic armbands might be more your speed. We also supply FitGlass screen protectors to combat cracks, gouged, shattering, and scratching. Please contact us if you have any questions!