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Calling on its customers to “capture the cosmos,” Google’s new Pixel 4 and 4XL have taken the tech and photography worlds by storm. Capable of capturing rich detail and color (even in the dark), Google’s 2019 lineup features all the latest technology to enhance your favorite photos using adjustable, separate exposure settings, regardless of the app they were originally taken from. Its flexibility doesn’t stop there however, as the newly improved Portrait and Super Resolution Zoom features allow for incredible, fading background settings, along with unprecedented, high-quality shots from afar. Adding to the hype, the Pixel’s Frequent Faces technology learns the people you capture most, preserving their brightest, smiling photos, rather than the accidental blinks that come with any photoshoot.

With all these amazing features, it’s no secret that Google Pixel owners are on the lookout for the highest quality case to protect their investment. Offering a wide selection of slim, clear, and full-body case options, SUPCASE is happy to make that experience a whole lot easier. Shop below to find the perfect case to match your needs.