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LG's G8X ThinQ is one of their most luxurious offerings of their entire smartphone lineup. Made to be unlike any other phone on the market today, consumers have absolutely raved about the features of this phone. Aesthetically, the G8X ThinQ is trim and stylish, boasting a 6.1 QHD + LED display. The entire screen acts like a speaker, which no other phone has done before. Because of this, there's no call receiver! This phone also features facial recognition and fingerprint ID capabilities, as well as something called Hand ID. This feature allows users to control certain aspects of their phone, like volume or accepting calls, without ever touching the screen. With state-of-the-art features like these, there's no doubt that you'll need a full-coverage case you can depend on. Luckily, SUPCASE offers a range of high-quality LG G8X ThinQ cases that will more than satisfy your protective and style needs.

Our selection of LG G8X ThinQ covers offers options that will protect your phone at every angle. Offering 360° protection, our cases will effectively absorb the shock from accidental drops, falls, and other sudden potentially damaging situations. They'll also prevent damage from moisture, dust, and dirt, as these can affect your phone ports. One of the most sought after cases in this collection is the UB Pro, which is built for superior protection. The Unicorn Beetle Pro, or UB Pro, is designed with ultra-strong TPU and polycarbonate materials. As the winner of CNET's annual drop test, there is no doubt that the UB Pro will keep your LG G8X ThinQ secure. It features built-in port covers and screen protector, raised bezels, a rotating belt clip holster, and more. When you drop your phone, you won't have to worry about a cracked screen or damaged port, as the UB Pro will have you covered. This phone case and others in this collection are built to the same high-quality standards, so no matter which you choose, you'll have a thoughtfully designed and built cover for your phone.

If you have any questions about our LG G8X ThinQ cases, please feel free to contact us and our team will be glad to assist you.